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Winter Time Fishing on Lake Roosevelt

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Well there is snow on the ground and the air temp is cold but that doesn’t mean its not a great time to be on the water. Winter time fishing we catch Rainbow Trout, Walleye, and Burbot. The Burbot fishing this past Jan and Feb was just awesome. We fish Burbot from Nov-March. The Burbot are some of the best eating fish around, even better than Walleye. We normally catch Rainbow Trout from Oct- March. The Rainbows fight hard and range from 2-5lbs. We really start fishing Walleye hard in the middle of Feb and fish them till the middle of June. The Walleye range from 16″ to over 30″. When everyone else is putting their boats away¬† in the fall ours never get put away, they just get to rest a little¬†lol. So when you are having the winter time blues and want something to do in the winter, give us a call and we’ll let you expierence the joy of winter time fishing on Lake Roosevelt. Good fishing everyone