Guided Hunting and Fishing
Trips in Washington State

Turkey Hunting

Below you will see they types of turkeys we hunt and offer guided and unguided hunting trips for in Washington State.

The Merriam Turkey. Although approximately the same size as the Eastern, the Merriam has different coloration. It is black with blue, purple and bronze reflections. White feathers on the lower back and tail feather margins distinguish the Merriam from other subspecies of turkey. Merriam’s appear to have a white rump due to pinkish buff, or whitish tail coverts and tips. It closely resembles the Gould’s turkey but its tail margin is not usually quite as pure white nor is the light margin of the tail tip quite as wide as in the Gould’s. The tail feathers are very conspicuous when the gobbler struts against a dark background. Toms have black-tipped breast feathers, while the hens exhibit buff tips. Hens have a more extensive white area on the wings giving a whiter appearance when the wings are folded. Davenport Washington is on the boarder of where the two types of birds inhabit.

Rio Grandes are the second most populous subspecies with an estimated excess of 1 million birds stretching from Kansas to northern Mexico with established pockets of birds found as far north as the Dakotas, over through Colorado, New Mexico and Utah and in California, Oregon and Washington. Rios also offers great hunting on the big island of Hawaii. Many hunters regard the Rio as one of the “easiest” subspecies to hunt.

Because of the typically warm climate the bird lives in, Rios are similar in size to Osceolas, reaching close to 4 feet at maturity, but with disproportionately long legs. They are paler in color than the Osceola Wild Turkey or Eastern Wild Turkey and the tips of their tail feathers and the tail coverts are more of a creamy buff or tan color than the dark brown of the more eastern subspecies.

*The area we are hunting do have both species of Turkeys but most are Rio Grande.