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Trips in Washington State

February 11th Scouting

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Well we made a trip down to the farm in Davenport. We checked cameras and filled feeders. The deer were moving around pretty good even though moving around by vehicle was hard since the amount of rain and mud made for tough travels. We seen a lot of Mule deer as well as numerous Turkeys. I will add some new pics to the trail camera photos. You can see one of the big 4×5 muleys with only one horn then a pic with none, man cameras are a great tool to see whats happening in your deer/turkey herds.

Davenport Deer Scouting trip

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Well Scotty, Colton, Mel and myself headed out to Davenport to check trail cameras and to scout for deer.  The day was mostly cloudy with some sun breaks and about 30 degrees, not a bad day for the middle of January. We scouted both the front and backsides of the farm and counted over a 100 deer in about 6 hours of scouting. If you want to hunt somewhere the deer numbers are very high then contact us for dates and availability.