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Pend Oreille River Duck and Goose hunting

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Well I took Colton and we headed to the river today for some duck and goose hunting. The weather was snowy on and off and cold. We saw a lot of birds today, with a lot of them not being interested in decoying. We ended up shooting 7 in the amount of time we were there. The birds on the river are definitely holdingĀ on the northern part of the river. Good hunting everyone….

Duck and Goose Hunting

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Well we have been hunting the Pend Oreille River just about every weekend. The hunting for Geese has been slow even thought we have seen large numbers of birds. The birds are there just not working the decoys as much as they did last year. The numbers of ducks has been up from last year. We have been seeing large numbers of Widgeon and Redheads. We hunted the Everate Island area last weekend and ended up with 10 birds. Went back to the Sandy Shores area on Tuesday and hardly seen any birds but we still didn’t get skunked and ended the day with 2 birds, don’t know where they all went so I guess we will have to move to our other hunting areas. I don’t know how in two days the birds seemed to have moved all away, but they did only seen 4 geese and approx 20 ducks. Good hunting everyone…