Guided Hunting and Fishing
Trips in Washington State

YJ guide service offers to you the fastest guided fishing trip in the northwest.

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This special trip is designed for those clients who have way to much on their plate. The trip is designed to maximize a day fishing into a short one hour guided fishing trip.  Many returning clients really love feeling the pole being almost ripped from their hand as they snag anything on this exciting fishing trip.

We launch out of Fort Spokane on beautiful lake Roosevelt in North East Washington State.  The boat chosen for this high speed trolling is a master craft ski boat.  This boat allows the fisherman to troll in excess of 50 miles per hour.

Once in the boat your guides will provide you with fishing poles already set for your quick fishing trip.  We use a tremble hook that will really hang onto the bait at these higher speeds.  Even the small fish seem large when hooked at speed in excess of 30 MPH.  The excitement you will feel when the pole bends over and you are almost pulled out of the boat at that speed is a real adrenaline rush.

Secure your spot today for the chance to have a day of fishing in just one hour.  These fill early so reserve your spot today.  Credit cards accepted with proof of insurance.  LOL