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Pasco Cat fishing trip with Don Huffman

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We headed down to the Pasco area for some Channel Cat fishing with our friend and fellow guide Don Huffman. Don said he had been catching big big stringers of fish, sounded like a fish story to me lol, so we headed down to Pasco for a day of fishing. ¬†Well we headed out about 8am and had our lines in the water by 8:30. We hadnt had our lines in the water for more than 3 minutes when we caught the first of over 40 cats in 5 hours. Most fish were in the 10 plus lb range, with mel getting one almost 20lbs. After 5 hours of almost none stop catching we decieded to call it a day. We estimated the stringer of fish to weight over 400lbs. It took 3 grown men to lift this stringer into the boat. At the end of the day we ended up with 8 gallon bags of yummy cat fish fillets. If anyone wants to try out this fishery I would suggest getting ahold of us so we can get you Dons number. The best time of year to fish for Channel cats, atleast the big 20lb fish is April and May. You can still catch 6-10lb fish just about all year down there. I know we’ll be making a trip back down there real soon…