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Lyons Ferry Channel Cat fishing trip

yjguideservice Fishing Comments Off

We we had our first channel cat clients of the year, so we headed to Lyons Ferry for some Cat fishing. When we got there the weather was 60 degrees and sunny. The fishing started out fast and furious in the morning and tappered off as the day went on. We fished all our  normal spot on the river catching fish in all but one spot. The biggest fish of the weekend was over 9lbs. The weather the next day was windy and cold with water temps dropping over 5 degrees.  We also hooked a 7-8ft Sturgeon on the light tackle we use for cats. Unfortunetly after an hour and 15  minute fight the line finally broke, oh well it was fun anyways. The fishing there is only going to get better as the spring progress’s. If anyone wants to book one of these fun trips get ahold of me soon. Good fishing everyone.