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Lake Roosevelt Walleye 2012 Opener

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June 1st is a date that is always marked on our calendars here at YJ Guide Service. June 1st is the opener on the Spokane Arm for Walleye. We have been lucky enought to  have clients on the opening weekend. The reason this date is very important is that the Arm is closed to the retention of Walleye for the 2 mo before that for the Walleye to spawn. When the arm first opens the fish are very congrigated up and the farther you go up the arm the better the fishing seems to get. The fish seem to be in the little spots that have a current break since the river is alot faster flowing up that way. We headed up there at 5am on friday with grand illusions of catching that big toad of a fish first thing. When we got up there after navigating water in the 2ft range for long periods of time around bouy 5, the fish were there. We started fishing jigs everyone trying a diffrent color so we could see what color they wanted that day.  We ended up catching our biggest fish of the weekend from the holes up above bouy 5. After 3 days of fishing we limited everyone on Friday and Sat, then sunday we left early to head home with all but 4 of our Walleye to complete the limits for three guys. The water is starting to come up now and the fish will be spreading out alot, which will make fishing a little harder. If anyone wants to try and catch some Walleye you need to give us a call soon and get out there and give it a try. If not then I hope to see some of you next June 1st, it is the best time of the year…We look forward to it every year and has become a tradition with us……If you’ve never had Walleye then your missing out on one of the best eatting fresh water fish around….Good fishing everyone…