Guided Hunting and Fishing
Trips in Washington State

Fishing Trip Pricing

“Fish along” trips are where we all go fishing for the amount of time, everything is supplied, I show you how and where to fish. Its like going fishing with a good friend but not having to do anything or supply anything). These trips are by far our most popular we do and the best value.

Book multiple days and receive a discounted price


*** Wells Dam Salmon – Chinook Fishing -Columbia River below Wells Dam.  Fishing Aug-Oct 6 hour trips $200 per person- Max persons 3


**** Snake River sturgeon Fishing May- begging of July- We fish below Lower Granite Dam Trips are 6 hours  $200 per person Max of 3 people


****Palouse River – Snake River Channel Cat Fishing. Late March – May We fish out of the KOA at Lyons Ferry Campground- $200 per person Max of 3 people per trip. Fish Cleaning $20 extra per person.


**** Newman Lake Tiger Muskie Fishing

6  hour “fish along” trips $180.00 per person max of 2 people.


****Lake Roosevelt Fishing Trips

Walleye  fishing  6 hour trips $180.00.  Full day 7-8 hr fish along trips $200.00 per person. Maximum of 3 people.(April-June)

Winter Rainbow Trout and Walleye trips: fish along trips 6-7 hour trips $180.00 per person.(Dec-March) Max of 3 people

Winter Burbot: fish along trips 6 hour trips $180.00  (Dec-March) no fish cleaning available during Burbot season. No fish cleaning available during this season.

Fish cleaning Extra Fee $20.00 per person…

****Eloika Lake Bass Fishing April-June

5-6 hour fish along trips $180.00