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Channel Cats and Sturgeon fishing June 22nd

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We decided to try out a new area for Channel Cats this past weekend, so we headed down to Lyons Ferry to meet up with Mike an old buddy from school. When we got there the wind was blowing 50 mph and raining so we didnt fish the first night. We got up the next morning with Mike and headed to an area known to hold cats. We werent there more than 5 minutes when we boated the first fish of the morning… a nice 6-7lb fish. The fishing continued like that with fish in the 5-9lb range for a couple hours. The weather right after that changed for the worse again and the fishing went down hill from there. We tried for Sturgeon but was unable to connect on any but did catch another Channel Cat fishing for Sturgeon on Sunday. This is an area I think we will be fishing alot more, there are some really nice big Channel Cats and Sturgeon in that area. We did see a couple that had caught 2 keep Sturgeon out of a hole we had fished right before that LOL oh well thats the breaks. If anyone wants to try for Channel Cats fill out our contact form at